Thursday, October 22, 2015

Three? How can that be!?

We celebrated a big birthday here at the Hayes Homestead earlier this week.  Our baby.  Our sassy, spunky, silly baby girl turned 3.

Three, y'all!

It hardly seems possible that she can be this old, yet I feel like she's been in my life forever.  She's so much like me it's both scary and adorable.  She has a huge heart for such a small package.  Absolutely loves her brother - they truly are each other's best friends. 
Her imagination is 100 times bigger than she is.  She still cuddles with me everyday and I love it.  Twice in the past week she fell asleep on me while watching was awesome.  She gets incredibly jealous when I give other kids attention.  It's quite ridiculous, but I secretly love it.

She's tipping our home scale at a whopping 33 pounds and wearing 3T and some 4T clothes and size 9 shoe (her brother is still wearing 4T and is barely in a size 10 shoe :).

She loves food and it's hard to come up with her favorites because she likes so much!  But, mac & cheese, chocolate, and daddy's hot egg are at the top of the list.  She is messy, loves to draw pictures and color and loves doing anything outside.
She has got some of the sweetest dance moves and sings along to whatever is on the radio.  She's wacky, quirky, and so hilarious.  She has amazing stories that go on....and on....and on.....and.......on.....

For her birthday, she wanted a cheese quesadilla and rice and wanted her grandma, grandpa and our good friends Katy and Jake to join us.  I think she a whole basket of chips herself....but hey, it was her birthday!
They brought her a super cute dessert, but she wanted nothing to do with wearing the sombrero, but Katy was a trooper and put it on for her.
After dinner, we headed back to our house for cake and presents.  She requested a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting (a girl after her mama's heart) and I decided to surprise her (and Redmond) by making it a piñata cake and filling it with M&M's.  They were so excited when we cut it open!
She received some great gifts and quickly recruited Katy to put together some puzzles (there's a reason why the kids love Katy!). 
Our gift for Ashlyn was a big girl bed.  This bed is gorgeous and belonged to me as a child!  It was originally my great aunts and has been redone by my stepdad.  It's wrought iron and such a perfect fit for her bedroom.  She was so excited and loves it!
It's so hard to believe that my baby is three years old.  Next year she'll be a preschooler.  Preschool.  It seems like just yesterday that she was a teensy weensy squishy baby.  But then again, it seems forever ago.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!!
~ Mommy :)

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