Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mobile Chicken Shelter

We knew that we needed something for our chickens.  Something that could keep them protected when they're out in our yard.  Our yard seems to be the neighborhood dog park, which we have no problem with (we love puppies!), but once we got chickens it became a concern.
So, my handy (and very hunky!) hubby came up with a plan.  A mobile chicken shelter built on skis that we can pull around the yard.  Perfect!
He used two cross country skis that we got for free from my uncle.  So, all we needed was some lumber, chicken wire and a couple of hinges.  This cost us approximately $15 to make.  And we get so much use out of it!
First, he built the base, attaching the bottom of it to the skis.
Then, the measuring, cutting and hammering began!
It didn't take long until the frame was complete.
 Next, he attached chicken wire to the back and the sides.  He had to do two layers of chicken wire on the back, so we twisted the wire together to tighten up the seal.
Then, he built the door and attached it with some hinges.  He attached a rope to the door for easy open/closing. 

The last step was creating a system for pulling it through the yard.  He drilled a hole in a wooden dowel and threaded more rope through that, securing it with a knot.  Then, he drilled a piece of wood to the chicken shelter and attached the rope with an eye screw.

And that's it!  Now we have a safe way to let the chickens enjoy all the bugs, grass and leaves that our yard has to offer, but we don't have to worry about their safety.  And, Oliver is never far away when they're in it.  (He's obsessed with them! :)

Plus, this will double as a separate coop when we decide to add to our flock with baby chicks.  We'll be able to keep the chicks in this coop until they are big enough to join our current flock.
Until next time,
~ Sara :)

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