Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Monthly Meet Up - 2.0

It's a new month, and you know what that means - it's time for the Monthly Meet Up, y'all!!

My girl Marie , over at Family and the Lakehouse, and I get together every month to host a fun link-up party.  This month we've decided to change it up a bit and we're SUPER excited about it!!

"How successful would you be if you were as devoted to your goals as you were to checking your facebook wall?"
My husband recently posted this on Facebook and I have to say, it got me thinking...

We've decided to change our focus to Monthly Goals.  We'll post any and all goals for the month on the first of the month and then do a quick recap at the beginning of the following month with your new goals for that month (follow me?  Ha!).  Your goals could be any and everything.  Maybe you want to cut out fast food, keep a clean kitchen, exercise more, not go shopping, organize your pantry, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

You can be as ambitious as you like - maybe you only have one goal for the month, maybe you have 10.  Just join us and have fun!

Not only do we want this to be a great opportunity for you to gain some awesome, creative ideas from other bloggers, but we also want this to be a great networking tool as well.  So please, grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, vodka (we won't judge) or whatever you fancy and party with us.  It will be fun!!

First thing is first.  Just like anything fun, we've gotta have some rules.  Ours are short and sweet:
  • Link back to us - copy and paste our linky button on your post - we want your friends to join in the fun too!
  • Follow us!  We'd love to connect with you, and you to connect with each other!
  • We challenge you - visit, comment and follow at least four other partiers.  Are you up for the challenge?
  • By posting, you give us permission to feature an image or post on our blog(s).  We'll always give you credit and post links back, don't you worry!
Easy enough, right!?  So, grab our button, link up, and par-tay!!!

So, let's get this party started!  I have five goals for this month - here we go!

The Playroom. 

As you may or may not know, the lower level of our house flooded two weeks ago.  Our laundry room, storage room, Jason's office and the playroom were all affected.  The playroom was hit the hardest.  The silver lining is that we needed to redo that room.  The carpet needed replaced and it needed repainted.  So, we're working on that.  I'd like to get the room finished and organized, but we can only move as fast as the insurance company.  At a minimum, I need to go through all the toys and thin them out a bit.  We've got way.too.much.  
Cleaning Schedule
In our last Monthly Meet Up I posted that I wanted to become more organized and start a cleaning schedule.  Welllllll......that hasn't happened yet.  I was already slacking and our flood did not help matters.  I need to not let the fact that nearly 80% of what was downstairs is now in the living room and kitchen and just work around it.  It's chaos here, let me tell ya!

Find the video camera

The kids are hilarious right now.  They are at such a fun age and I really need to have the video camera out and available whenever they start doing what they do.  We'll never get these moments back and I'd love to look back on them years down the road.
Clean Eating & Exercise
Back in February, Jason and I went the whole month eating completely clean and making everything from scratch.  I may not be quite as extreme as we were in February (because seriously, that was so time consuming), but pretty darn close.  So, we will be making a menu every week, eating out minimally and snacking better. 

As for exercise, I want to stick to what I've been doing - hitting the gym 5-6 days per week.  I've got a formal event (wow, I sound important!) coming up in December and a Florida vacation in March.  Time to work it!
Speaking of food (which I do often), The Carnitarian Family, my food blog, gets so neglected and desperately needs some attention.  My goal is to post at least five new recipes on there this month.  That's totally doable.

So, there it is.  Can't wait to see what everyone else has planned for themselves for the month.  Link up and share your post with us.  Then, come back on the first of next month to recap and set new goals for yourself.
Oh.  And, if you need any more motivation to join Marie and I, just take a look at these fun outtakes from our 'photo shoot'.  Seriously, we're!!

Thanks for stopping by! 

~ Sara :)


  1. I challenge you to add a 6th goal... "not go shopping"

    1. Oh honey, you're so silly. Shopping is how I plan on coping with the stress that completing goals brings. šŸ˜‰šŸ˜˜

  2. Your goal of finding your video camera cracks me up! I lost the baby monitor a month ago and couldn't find it anywhere - to the point we bought a brand new one day - totally found under a bag of fritos on the counter! Oops!

    1. That's hilarious! I guess that just means you need to eat the Fritos faster next time! ;)