Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Carving!

We were on Fall overdrive here at the Hayes Homestead this weekend.  Lots of leaf pick up, lots of playing outside, a trip to a corn maze, playing at a park, and.....carving pumpkins!

The kids somehow ended up with two pumpkins each, and, of course, want nothing to do with all the goop inside!  Jason and I did the dirty work, then gave them markers to draw the 'faces' (I use this term very loosely - you'll see why) on their pumpkins.

Redmond started out wanting a scary face.  His first pumpkin was super thick and hard to cut through, so Jason went and got the drill.  Redmond decided that two circle eyes, a smaller circle nose, eyebrows and a straight mouth would do.  Perfect!

Ashlyn created quite the masterpiece which I was then responsible for carving.  I did my best, but there were a lot of lines to follow!  Girlfriend had a vision and I did my best to make it come alive.  Ha!

The kids were very happy with the end results!
Round two carving went a lot like the first....

Redmond decided that he just wanted holes drilled.  I mean, can you blame him?  I have to say, Jason definitely had the easier child for this task!

Ashlyn's vision for her second pumpkin was a bit more......interesting.  Thankfully, she wasn't a harsh judge and was happy with my carving skills.


We took them out to the front porch, put some candles in them and lit them up.  The kids were so excited and can't wait to light them every night.

Happy Fall!

~ Sara :)

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  1. They did great and so did you and Jason! *wink* Do you use the battery lights or do you use candles? I love how the pumpkins are so bright. Happy almost Halloween!