Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's Friday!!!

Another gorgeous week here in Michigan.  We had a small taste of what's to come last week as the temps dipped into the 30's and we were greeted by frost for a few mornings.  The nice thing about having a few cold days is that you appreciate the warm ones that much more!

Here are a few highlights from my week:


Can't believe that the youngest person in our house is three.  Three.  Like, not two anymore.
We celebrated with a Mexican dinner and chocolate cake - both requested by the birthday girl.  We had a great day and a very happy birthday girl!

So, speaking of Ashlyn's birthday cake, I have to give myself a pat on the back.  I decided to surprise her (and Redmond) with a piñata cake.  It turned out awesome!  I just cut out the middle of the bottom layer and filled it with a bag of m&m's.  Chocolate cake and m&m's?  Pretty sure it doesn't get any better than that!
We were on our way to school this week when I saw a beautiful double rainbow.  The kids couldn't see it from the backseat, so I pulled over, unbuckled them and got them out of the car to take a look.  I couldn't let that opportunity pass by!

I seriously think Oliver thinks he's a chicken.  Maybe he was one in a previous life.  I don't know.  All I know is that nothing makes this dog happier than when we let the chickens out in the yard.  He follows them everywhere they go with his tail wagging like crazy.  It's hilarious.  And, the chickens seem to kind of like him too.


We had an impromptu fire and s'mores tonight.  It was a perfect night and, of course, the s'mores were delicious!

The kids got out some of their energy by running around the yard and playing in the wood pile. Oliver did a good job being the good guard dog that he is.

I got to cuddle with my favorite girl and watch the sunset.  Great night!

Hope you all had a great week!!
Until next time,
~ Sara :)
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  1. I love that your daughter picked mexican food and chocolate cake. I'm pretty sure I would have picked the same thing! Happy Birthday to her! And your dog is adorable. Our friends have a golden doodle that looks a lot like yours! Happy Friday!

  2. Good birthday choices! I would have picked tbr same! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet girl, love the mexican food request!

  4. That cake looks so yummy :)

  5. That cake. THAT CAKE! It looks so, so, sooooo yummy! How fun that ya'll had a fire and s'mores!