Hen House

In the spring of 2015, we added to the Hayes Homestead with our new chickens!  As new chicken owners, we are definitely learning as we go.  Use this page as a quick reference to any and all things I post about our chickens.


Chick Fever - Our plan was for 8 new chicks....but we ended up with 12!

Moving the Chicks - Part One - We took the first step at integrating our 12 small chickens into the run with our two big chickens.


And Then There Were Five - The loss of one of our hens prompted some needed updating to our chicken run.

Keeping Chicken Water Thawed without Electricity - I have a couple of tips to help your chicken water from freezing solid during the cold winter months.

Separating and Reintroducing Chickens Within your Flock - When chickens are injured, sick, or being bullied they'll need to be separated.  Reintroducing them is not always easy.


Chicken Run - Part Two - Jason has put a lot of work into our chicken space this summer!

Extended Chicken Run - Part One - An exciting addition to our homestead for our flock!


We've Got Chickens! - We knew we wanted them eventually, and decided now was the time.

One Month - An update on our chicks.  Hard to believe we've had them for one month already!

Chicken Coop Progress - We finally have the coop finished enough for the ladies to move in.  Yay!  Lots of cool features on this post!!

Coop Training - When we first moved our ladies to their coop, we had to train them to go inside at night to roost.

Chicken Feed Gauge - We are able to see how much food the chickens have without going inside the coop!

Meet Our Ladies - They're finally named!!

Pavlov's Chickens - We have successfully trained the chickens to come when we knock on their door!

Egggg-citement! - Finding our first egg!!

Mobile Chicken Shelter - A place for our chickens to happily graze in our yard without worrying for their safety!

A Dog and His Chickens - Oliver loves our flock!!

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