Saturday, February 14, 2015

Two Weeks Down!

It's been 2 weeks since Jason and I started our Processed Free February.  Halfway through!  I'm happy to report that it has been much easier than anticipated!
I'm also happy to report that I haven't cheated.  Not once.  We have not had anything processed.  I have made everything from scratch.  Sandwich bread, bagels, English muffins, enchilada sauce, pasta, tortillas, etc.  I have definitely put in many hours in the kitchen!
It's been a bit eye-opening.  How often I mindlessly grab a handful of cereal when pouring some for the kids, eat a couple pretzels when I'm getting Ashlyn a snack or am "fed" Goldfish by a giggling toddler.  I haven't done any of these things (and trust me, Ashlyn has really tried to shove Goldfish in my mouth!). 
*Patting myself on the back*
Our fridge is always stocked with cut up fruit and veggies and our pantry is full of homemade nut butters and nuts.  I forgot how much I love cashews. 
And now.....the home stretch!  Just two more weeks to go! 
We got this :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday!

It's been a hot minute since I've done a Five on Friday.  I've missed it! 
Let's do this thing!!


This girl.

To think that just a few short months ago we were worried about her speech.  Pssshhh!
She is now singing her ABC's, counting to 11, talking in complete sentences and singing more songs than I can count.  So proud of her progress.  So. Proud.

This boy.

He came home from school yesterday so excited.  One of his teachers was reading Go Dog Go to the class and when he excitedly jumped up and said "I can read that book!" she gladly let him come up to the front of the class and help her read it.  So proud of our little man!
Jason and I are on day six of no processed foods.  It's been easier than I thought it would be and I haven't really been tempted too much.  I've been busy busy in the kitchen making things like English muffins, pasta, tortillas and brownies from scratch.  I even put out quite the Superbowl spread if I do say so myself!   I'm beginning to really like our new way of eating!

We have so.much.snow!  It's cold.  Really, really cold.  Like below zero cold.  But, it does make one member of our family very, very happy.


Speaking of snow, I am so in love with our new house and yard even in the winter!  We are itching for the spring to get started in our garden, but what a fun place for our kids to grow up!!


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend full of fun and excitement!

~ Sara :)
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Free February - Day One

Well, that wasn't too bad!

I did a lot of prep work yesterday, making breads, tortillas, juice and pasta dough.  I spent a good chunk of today chopping, dicing and getting more snacks ready for the week. 

My meals today went a little something like this:

Breakfast - Two egg omelet with peppers, onions, spinach and cheese, English muffin with peanut butter.

Lunch - Slice of whole grain bread with walnut butter, half of an apple, half of a pear

Snack - Smoothie made with fresh juice and banana

Dinner - A nice veggie-filled salad with a balsamic vinaigrette - we went with a light dinner since I was planning snacks for the Superbowl tonight. 

Ahhh, the Superbowl.  When we decided to cut out processed food for February we somehow overlooked the big game on the first day of our new way of eating.  But, no worries!  I managed to put on quite the spread for us (and yes, it was just us here to eat all this!).  Goat Cheese Bruschetta, salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, hummus with whole wheat pitas and veggies.  All from scratch and made with love:

So, one day done, 27 more to go!
Stay tuned!

~ Sara :)

Processed Free February

Jason and I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called "Forks over Knives" and it got us inspired.  Could we go one month without any processed, pre-made, pre-packaged foods?  Well, we're about to find out!

We decided to give it a try for the month of February.  This month we're going to attempt to not eat anything that comes from a can, jar, box....basically anything that we I can't make ourselves myself. 
I mean, who are we kidding?  I'm the one doing all the work!
So, buh-bye fancy coffee drinks, eating at restaurants, the occasional soda and potato chips. 
It's not me, it's you...

Now, to be fair, this won't be a huge shock to our system.  We never eat fast food except the occasional trip to Subway or Jimmy Johns and only eat dinner out once a week at most.  We eat minimal processed foods as it is and I already make a lot of things from scratch  - pizza dough, nut butters, pita bread, hummus...but there are plenty of things I could make, but don't - tortillas, pasta, pizza and pasta sauce, granola bars, salad dressings, etc, etc.  Meals won't be too tough, just more time consuming.  Snacking, however, may be a little difficult.  I've been known to stick my hand in the kids snack basket during nap time on a few occasions....damn you Cheez-it's!   

So, here we go!  I've already been prepping with a freezer stocked with beans, pre-cut veggies, homemade pesto, pizza and pasta sauces.  Fridge is stocked with veggies and fruits cut and ready to grab and eat.  I have pretty much figured out our dinners for the entire month and have ideas for breakfast, lunch and snacks too.  We're ready.  Let's do this!

I'll be checking in here and posting recipes on my food blog weekly.  Time to get this party started!  Can't wait to see what happens :)

~ Sara :)