Friday, November 21, 2014


And now, just like that, I have a four year old to go along with my two year old.
Pass the tissues please!
Four years have passed since I became a mother.  Four years since this hilarious, handsome, too-smart-for-his-own-good little man entered this world.   
Four. Years.
I'm in a bit of disbelief.  Can ya tell?
We went low-key with Redmond's birthday this year.  He said he wanted a train-themed shirt and cake this year so he got to wear his new shirt to school to show all of his friends.  At school he got all the attention for the day!  They sang to him, he got to pick a special prize, got a crown and even took cookies in to share with his classmates.  He was beaming when I picked him up.

He requested that we go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch so he could get Mac & Cheese. Who was I to deny the birthday boy!?

For dinner, he chose our local Mexican restaurant.  And, if you know Redmond, that was no surprise.  This kid could eat cheese quesadillas all day and night.  Dinner was just us, Jason's parents and our friends Katy and Jake.  Redmond's favorite people and his favorite meal.  Sounds like a good birthday dinner to me!
After dinner, we headed back to our house for cake and presents.  Now, I haven't made a cake in years.  Ever since our wedding, I have ordered a cake any time I needed one.  But, since we weren't hosting a party, I figured I could make Redmond's cake.  Not only did I make it, but I made it from scratch.  He requested vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.  Making the cake was easy, decorating it was what I was worried about!  But, I don't think it turned out too terrible.
Don't judge a cake by it's messy sprinkles.

After cake, it was on to the best part.....presents!!  Redmond got some great stuff, but most of all he had a great birthday!  We're so lucky to have such great people that care about and love our kids just as much as we do.

Redmond, at four years old you are 39 inches tall and weigh 36 pounds (only 8 more than your sister!)  You are such an amazing boy!  You continue to amaze us with your intelligence, memory and sense of humor.  You are an amazing big brother to Ashlyn, always looking out for her and play so well with her....most of the time ;)  You are doing so well in school and absolutely love going.  Your teacher is so proud of your progress and even said that you could possibly go into Kindergarten next year!  But, that's not happening :)  You say the funniest things, have an incredible imagination and are so attentive to others.  You are definitely our sensitive, dramatic child, but that makes you you.  Your best friend in the whole wide world is your Grandpa Joe with Katy coming in a close second.  You can already do simple addition and subtraction questions in your head, are learning how to spell words and we think you'll be reading soon!  We are so proud of the little man you're becoming.  Thank you so much for making us parents.  We love you so much!!!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Redmond's First Field Trip

Today was a super exciting day for Redmond (okay, okay, it was for me too!)!!  He had his first field trip! 
His preschool class went to visit our local fire station today.  The best part???  He got to ride on a school bus!  You have no idea how exciting this was for him.  He has been dying to ride on a school bus for years.  Years I tell ya!
Ashlyn and I got to tag along too, but, since Ashlyn was coming, her and I weren't able to ride on the bus.  I admit, I'm a little sad I didn't get to experience the excitement that I know was beaming from Redmond on that 5 minute bus ride, but hearing about it from his point of view made up for it :)
We spent about an hour at the fire station.  We got a tour, shown equipment, where they sleep, eat, plan, etc.  The kids even got to watch one of the firefighters slide down the fire pole.  So cool!
Redmond was stoked to be able to sit inside one of the fire trucks.  They also got to see one of the firefighters put on all of the equipment they use when fighting a fire. 
It was great day and I can't believe that my little boy is old enough to be going on field trips.  That's just so.....old.
Here are a few photos from his exciting trip!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall 2014 Recap

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but did y'all realize that it's November?
No. For reals.  It's November.  Crazy.
I have been seriously lagging on my blogging lately so I thought I'd just post a jumbled mess with a bunch of photos.  Ready?  Good. :)
I realized after our first chilly day that the kids still needed hats, mittens and winter coats.  They were super excited about their new hats and couldn't wait to show them off.  They're so cute.
We spent many afternoons playing in the leaves.  I think Oliver may enjoy it a little more than the kids.  That dog loves a good leaf pile!
Exploring in our yard never gets old. 



And, we had to get in one more golf cart ride at Grandma T's.  One of the kids favorite things to do!
Happy Fall Y'all!  Enjoy it while it's here, cause it won't last long!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Holidays just get more fun and more fun every year. 
(And yes, I'm pretty sure that every time I blog about a holiday I type those exact words.)
Halloween was no exception this year!  Redmond chose his costume months ago.  I asked what he wanted to be and he quickly said:
"I want to be a police officer so I can stand in the road and tell cars where to go!!"
I think there may be a tad bit more in there job description, but that's besides the point.
Anyhoo, I figured that this would be the last year that I could choose Ashlyn's costume.  And, what does every police officer need?  A criminal of course!
These two.  Seriously.
They got to start Halloween by trick-or-treating at Redmond's school.  So cool that siblings and parents are welcome to tag along.  They even are sure to have plenty of extra treats for siblings!
It was so cute seeing Redmond and his classmates going from class to class.  They had two little Halloween songs that they would sing to get candy.  Ah-dorable!
Thankfully they were able to trick or treat at school because the weather for evening trick or treating was not very cooperative.  We had our first snow of the year!  Jason took the kids out for a little bit, but they didn't last long.  Way too cold!  But, they had a great time and are having an even better time working their way through all their candy!