Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Dog and His Chickens

I know I've mentioned Oliver's love for our chickens before, but really, it deserves its own post.
Seriously.  Oliver loves these chickens.  If they're in their Mobile Chicken Shelter, he lies next to it and just watches them. 

If they're out in the yard, he follows them around, tail wagging (watch the video below!).

If they're in their enclosed area, we often will find him standing in front of the door or just laying down, staring in there.  It's so.damn.adorable.

I honestly do not think that anything makes this dog happier these days than being outside with the chickens. 
The chickens have gotten quite used to him too.  They used to scatter when he would come near them, but's like....he's one of them....
Just check out this little video.  If this isn't doggy bliss, then I don't know what it is.  At one point, Libby Mae just walks right underneath him!

Now that is one happy puppy!
~ Sara :)

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