Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Infinity Jars - a Review

I was recently approached by a company called Infinity Jars.  They sell high quality jars and asked if I would try out a few of their jars and, in return, write a review of their product.  With my love for glass jars I jumped at the chance!

These jars are different than others because they're made of ultraviolet glass, making them black and opaque.  By blocking out any natural or artificial light, products are able to stay fresh for at least six months.  I've been very happy with the three that I have and will continue to use them.  Added bonus?  My kitchen is red and black so they match.  Plus, black is kind of my color.

I chose three different sized jars to try out - 500ml, 100ml, and 15ml.  Along with the jars I was sent a cleaning cloth and two labels for each jar.

I decided to use the 500ml for our 'weekend coffee'.  Backstory on 'weekend coffee':  A couple years ago, Jason had to travel to San Francisco for business.  While out there, he found a Philz Coffee Shop.  He told me it was the best coffee he's ever had.  And, it is.  So, we splurge and buy Philz Coffee, but save it just for the weekends.  Hence - 'weekend coffee'.

This jar is great, I just wish it was bigger!  Every weekend when I open the jar, I'm instantly hit with a whiff of that wonderful coffee smell.  I think this is the perfect jar for keeping coffee - no light is getting in and it seals super tight.

The 100ml jar is the perfect size to keep my taco seasoning in.  Again, keeps the light out, keeps the ingredients fresher for a longer period of time.  I was using a clear glass jar before and I can definitely tell the difference when I open my Infinity Jar compared to the other.  As soon as I open the jar I'm hit with the smell of tacos.  And that, my friends, is nothing to complain about :)

Last up is the 15ml jar.  This one is the perfect size for homemade Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm.  It can easily fit in your pocket or purse.  This would also be a great size jar for homemade eye, face, or hand cream.  Perfect travel size!

If I had to pick a negative thing about these jars it would be the price.  When comparing Infinity Jars to other, clear glass jars, they seem a bit expensive.  However, the reason for this is because of their ultraviolet glass.  They block out visible light, are opaque, and can preserve foods for 6+ months!  So, while I may not use these jars exclusively, there is no better option than Infinity Jars for keeping coffee, teas, seasonings, etc. they are far superior to any other glass jar I've tried.

Overall, I'm very happy with these jars and love having them in my kitchen.  I used to keep all of our coffee hidden in a cupboard, but I love having my coffee-filled Infinity Jar on the counter.  These jars are a high quality and really do keep things fresher than ordinary clear glass jars.  I'm so thankful that Infinity Jars contacted me and gave me this opportunity!

~ Sara :)

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