Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014

Here's a peek into our Memorial Day Weekend.  Jason's brother always comes in to town so we got to spend lots of time with him, his (new!) wife and daughter.  Playing outside, boat rides, bounce house fun, watering flowers, parade, picnics and planting our garden (finally!) are just a few of the highlights from this year :)




Friday, May 16, 2014

Aaaaaand we're back!

We're back home!  It feels so good to be home!  The weather is a little chilly for May, but nothing that's going to stop us from enjoying the spring!  We spent our first week back home taking trips to our favorite park, going to the zoo, planting flowers, having picnics outside, being goofy inside and cuddling with Oliver.  Oh, how we missed Oliver while we were in California!!



Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Our last trek for our Spring Weddings was California!  Jason's twin brother was up this time and it was a beautiful wedding at a GORGEOUS venue.  The kids did ahhhhmazing with the travel and time change.  They were such troopers.  What a relief!

Jason's grandma travelled with us which was nice for everyone.  An extra pair of hands for us, travel companions for her.  Win-win :). Unfortunately for Jason, our flight to Cali was during the NFL draft....poor guy (sense the sarcasm?  Cause it's there!).

Lucky for him, our plane had tvs in the seats.  Also lucky for him, his wonderful wife was willing to give up her headphones (even though I told him to bring some).  Best $6 this guy has ever spent.
Now that's one happy fella.

Our flights to CA were smooth and uneventful.  We got to the airport around 10:30....1:30 our time.  The kids were doing great considering how much they didn't sleep on our flights.  We got our rental car (upgraded to a Cadillac - Holla!!) and hit the road.  After about 45 minutes and waaaaayyy too much Mexican music (that's all we could find on the radio ;), we finally made it to the hotel.  We were all beyond ready for bed!

The next morning/afternoon was pretty low-key.  We spent time by the pool with all the family that had made the trek for the wedding.  I happily volunteered to make a coffee run.  I figured this may be my only chance to drive a Cadillac, I had to take advantage of it!


After naps, we got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  We figured that the kids and I would have to skip out on the dinner considering that it wouldn't be until 9:00 MI time and the kids would be exhausted.  But, they adjusted great and we were able to enjoy a wonderful dinner after all!
Once Redmond's Ring Bearer rehearsing was done, he, I and Ashlyn headed around to explore.  There was a playground right at the venue!

And then, it was wedding day!  The wedding was small and absolutely gorgeous.  The venue was absolutely amazing.  Redmond got cold feet again, but this time his Grandpa walked down the aisle with him.  It was the sweetest thing.  The. Sweetest. Thing. 
The kids, again, did amazing.  We stayed at the reception until almost 9:00.  Redmond, of course, got everyone  on the dance floor!  Seriously, this kid has got some moves and isn't afraid to show them!
Ashlyn prefered to just take it all in...
But even dancing Kings need to rest their feet....
Redmond got a second wind after his little rest and decided to request "The Fox Song" and hit the dance floor one more time (with the help of daddy)...
Ashlyn, however, just couldn't hang.  She decided to take a little nap (with the help of mommy)...
We enjoyed some absolutely delicious cake and then headed back to the hotel.  We got up bright and early the next morning to head to the airport and travel back home.  This time, we had a layover in Denver.  Much to our surprise, there was a snow/ice storm in Denver.  A snowstorm.  In May.  And I thought Michigan was bad!  This caused a bit of a delay due to them needed to de-ice all of the planes.  Yes.  De-ice the planes.  In May. 
Now, back home for our next adventure!