Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Another Friday is here!  It was an exciting week at the Hayes Homestead - our little ladies are finally in their home!  I'm not sure who's happier that they're out of our garage - them, or us!!


The coop is (just about) DONE!  We moved the girls into their new home on Wednesday this week!  So glad to have them in there and they're much happier too.  Check out the transformation here!


I went on my annual shopping trip to Shipshewana with my mother-in-law (and kids) this week.  Shipshewana is a little Amish town in northern Indiana.  In the summer, they have a huge outdoor flea market and I just love to see what kind of cool stuff I can find.  This was the best year yet!  I found some awesome stuff - including this:

We're going to make this (hopefully) into the new chicken waterer for the coop! 


More and more flowers keep popping up all around our property!  Here are two of the newest gems I've discovered:

These two may be my favorite so far.  But, I have no clue what either flower is!  Do you know???


My peeps.  Love them.

As long as the rain cooperates, this will be our planting weekend!  We're headed out tomorrow morning to load up all of our plants for the garden.  Can't wait to get them in the ground and get the season started!!

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  1. Whoa! An entire week went by and I haven't commented! Everything is looking amazing and your garden is looking awesome. I can't wait to see it! Great job, girl. :)