Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's Friday!  Time to link up and par-tay!!

Here are my top 5 things from this week:


My good friend Marie and I are currently working up a plan for a new monthly link up party.  It will be the first Thursday of every month and will have a different theme each month.  We're kicking it off this month so be sure to stay tuned and check back in with us on Thursday!!



Lots and lots of random, all different colored tulips.

They're all over our yard and I'm loving them.  Since we moved into our house in the middle of the summer, these are all brand new to us.  I've always liked tulips, but we've never had any.  Is anyone else in awe of how they close in the evening when it gets cold and then open with the sun in the morning?  So cool.  Nature is so awesome.


Do not judge Ashlyn's views of the farm by this photo.  She loved it, I swear!  Ha!!
 Redmond's class took a field trip to the farm this morning!  I *may* have been more excited than him or any of his classmates.  I did, however, keep myself from pushing the preschoolers out of the way to get to the animals :) 

*sigh*  I want some goats.  And sheep.  And pigs.  And a cow......


I know, I know I'm soooo out of the loop, but we just discovered this amazzzzzing invention!  I'm seriously mind blown that I can type in any artist and it will magically play that artist along with others in the same genre/with the same sound.  Mind. Blown. 

Like, I don't even want to go to sleep at night because I just want to hear what they're going to play next!


I made an awesome dinner last night - Semolina Gnocchi.  I'm still thinking about it.  Check out the recipe here.

Until next week!

~ Sara :)

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