Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Compost Bin

"Let's talk about trash bay-bee, let's talk about com-post-ing!"
Turning trash into treasure!
(and yes, both salt and pepper are compostable.)
We really wanted needed a compost bin.  We talked about it for a couple weeks.  What kind did we want?  We knew we didn't want plastic (too unnatural), but did we want metal?  Wood?  Where did we want it?  Near the house?  Not really.  Convenient to dump compost into, but not convenient to dump compost into the garden.  So, we want it close to the garden, but where!?  We decided the perfect spot would be in the very back of the garden, next to our tool shed. 
Perfect spot.
So, we found the spot, now what?  Jason wanted to build our bin from things we already had on hand ('cause that's what we do!) and we had lots of lattice on hand.  We even used some for our chicken coop!
Next up, we talked about the design - I knew that I wanted an access door at the bottom to easily scoop out compost.  We also, obviously, needed the top to open.  After some measuring, we decided that the compost would be 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall and 3 feet deep.  Then, Jason got to work!

He began cutting the lattice to make the walls of the bin.  We only needed three sides since the garden fence would be used as the back of the compost.
He then attached some old fence poles we had (yes, one is shorter than the other) to the lattice to make the front of the bin. 

Using pole diggers, he dug the holes for the posts and placed the front piece of the compost bin into place.  He also put two posts on the back of the fence, a few inches higher than the front for the top to attach to.  Two sides down, two to go! 
He cut the next side and attached it to the front post and the back fence by nailing it into place.

Next step was the top.  Jason made it at a slight downward angle, attaching the lattice to the taller poles with hinges and, since the compost is so big and the lattice is quite heavy, he made it so that it is two doors. 

Final step - the last side and door! 

He cut the piece for the side of the bin and then cut it again to basically make three different pieces.  The top piece was attached and then he attached the two other pieces separately at the bottom.  The door he attached with small hinges. 

Not wanting our compost area to be a total eye sore, Jason fully weeded it, moved the rocks back a bit (making our garden path a bit wider too) and moved some flowers to the area.

He planted daffodils, a lily, a peony bush, and some purple flowers we have all over, but I don't know the name of :)  We also are going to plant some morning glories to cover the front and the west side of the compost.  That way, we will have color and brightness there from spring into summer!

 So, there it is!  Our 8'x4'x3' compost bin.  All finished and already being used a lot!  I'm amazed at how much less trash we have and how much lighter our trash bags are.  And, think of all that beautiful soil we will have to feed our garden with next spring! 


Until next time!

~ Sara :)


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  1. . i love everything the double twisted easel card,fence leaves ,swirls and flowers.. :) i think your little one will be doing one for you ..wood fence cost