Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Winter Compost Bin

I love our compost bin.  It's huge and it's right in the garden - where we need it to be.  But, it's all the way at the back of the garden, which is a nice little hike from the house. I was dreading the daily/every other day hike I was going to have to make to dump our compost this winter.  Then, Jason told me he was going to build a winter compost bin near the house.   It's like he read my mind...  So, build it he did - right outside the back door of the garage.  I won't even have to put boots or a coat on to throw compost in there!  Bonus!!

We have plans of building a greenhouse and have accumulated quite the impressive number of windows in the process.  So, Jason decided to use 5 of the windows we've acquired to build a mini compost bin.  The nice thing is that since it's made of glass, it will be well insulated for the winter - a warm compost is a healthy compost!

It was super simple to make and only took him a few minutes!

First, he screwed four of the windows together to form a box.  No need for a bottom - that's what the ground is for.

Once the walls were all secured, he attached another window on top with hinges so we can easily open and close it to toss our compost inside.

He even added a nifty opener thingy (scientific term) so I don't have to hold the lid open while I'm tossing the compost in.

We figure that this will last us through the winter - we compost a lot, but we also share a lot with the chickens.  Speaking of the chickens, all their good compost (aka - poop) will continue to be put in our large compost in the garden throughout the winter.

As for the greenhouse.....there's always next summer!

Happy Composting!
~ Sara :)

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