Friday, November 27, 2015

Four No More

We celebrated yet another birthday at the Hayes Homestead this weekend.  Our little man turned five!


I know, I can't believe it either!  Time just flies, doesn't it?  To think he's been in our life for five years....crazy.  

(*warning - bragging parent rant ahead*)

He is thriving at school.  We just had his parent/teacher conference this week and his teacher did nothing but rave about him.  He's counting well past 100, is writing his first and last name (as well as any other word you spell for him), counting by 2's, 5's and 10's, and is beginning to recognize some sight words.  He's doing basic addition and subtraction and already has impressive problem-solving skills.  He's an awesome kid.  Super duper awesome.

 He has two best friends - his Grandpa Joe and his sister.  His grandpa is his best buddy and I love to see the two of them interact.  As for Ashlyn - they are two peas in a pod.  They look out for each other, help each other, share with each other (usually....) and play so well together (most of the time...).  I love having them so close in age - they truly are each other's best friends and are soooo bored when one of them is not around.

Redmond has just started showing interest in superheroes - Batman mainly.  He loves the Octonauts and one of his and Ashlyn's go-to games is travelling by 'gup'.  They load up every toy they can squeeze into a backpack and run around to the house to different gups - the couch, beds, stairs, chairs, etc.  They have quite the imagination!

 Some of his favorite foods are: hot eggs, bananas, yogurt, cheese quesadillas, salmon, pork shoulder, chicken sausage, tacos, pasta, broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, mac & cheese, pizza, pretty much any fruit, roasted potatoes, chicken, waffles, pancakes, French fries, cupcakes...

Instead of a birthday dinner like we did for Ashlyn, he decided on a birthday breakfast instead.  We had Jason's parents and our friends Katy and Jake.  We celebrated with birthday pancakes, bacon and cupcakes for dessert.


Once breakfast was done - it was on to presents! 

His birthday was extra memorable this year - we got 8 inches of snow!!  When they were calling for snow in the forecast a week before, he got super excited.  He really wanted to build a snowman on his birthday.  His wish came true!

So, after breakfast, presents, and cupcakes he headed outside with Jason, Ashlyn, and Grandpa to build a snowman.  He requested that it face the chicken coop so that the chickens could enjoy the snowman too.

The afternoon was spent playing outside in the snow and with all of Redmond's cool new toys! 

No big surprise that he picked Mexican for dinner - cheese quesadilla, rice, and water - a Redmond staple!  Grandma and Grandpa surprised him by showing up for dinner - he was so excited!!  After dinner he got to wear the sombrero and they brought him some ice cream.  Everyone loves free ice cream!

We had a great day celebrating our guy turning five! 

Redmond, we could not be more proud of the little man you're becoming!  You are sweet, generous, caring, imaginative, sensitive, tons of fun and hilarious!  We love you so much!!  You're gonna go far, kid!

Love you buddy,
~ Mommy :)

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