Saturday, June 2, 2012

Redmond is 18 Months!

Time sure is flying!  Not only do I have an 18 month old, but I'm nearly 20 weeks(!) pregnant!  I wish I could just hit pause every once in awhile.

It seems that Redmond learns a new skill and/or word almost every day!  He's getting really good at eating with a fork and spoon (although his eating habits are still less than favorable ☺), is saying probably 30-ish words (I plan on posting on that soon!), gives hugs and kisses all the time, loves to say 'bye-bye' to strangers as he walks by them and is beginning to know and mimic more and more animals. 

Now that the weather is nice, we spend a lot of time outside.  He loves going to the park, or just hanging out in his Toddler Playland in the backyard.  Lots of playtime outside means nice long naps....mommy likes that!

I'm really savoring these last moments that it's just him and I, before the new baby comes.  He's going to be such a great big brother.....but I think he might be a little jealous at first.

18 Month Stats:
Height:  30.75 inches
Weight:  23 pounds
Head:    19 inches

Birth to 15 month stats are here.

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