Friday, May 18, 2012

Operation: Toddler Playland

A couple weekends ago, Jason took on a huge task - he took a chunk of our yard, dug up the grass, replanted it elsewhere and mulched the yard to turn it into a Toddler Playland for Redmond (and his friends, of course!).  It turned out great!  Our small-ish patio was getting over run with Redmond's toys and we knew that if we put any of them on the grass, the grass would just die.  Poor Jason was sore for DAYS, but it turned out so great and, although he hasn't been able to fully utilize it yet (it hasn't been warm enough to fill the pool yet), Redmond loves it!


After the grass was dug up and the weed guard and mulch was placed:

The finished product (please excuse the ghetto "curtain" for our garage window):

He's such a gentleman, he rings the doorbell before he enters the house:

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