Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nearly halfway there!

I had my 20(ish) week prenatal checkup/Anatomy Scan last Thursday. My blood pressure was still a little high, but much better than my last appt. Baby is doing great, although wouldn't fully cooperate during the ultrasound so I have to go back for another one in July (total bummer, I know). The tech was unable to measure baby's lower spine or see its feet because of the way the baby was positioned. It seems the baby was quite comfy and perfectly content being in the breech position, sitting comfortably on my cervix. Everything that the tech was able to see and measure looked great - heartbeat came in at a strong 149 bpm :) Along with being able to see the baby, I've really started feeling a lot of movement which I just LOVE! Jason was even able to feel a good strong kick last Wednesday really likes vanilla milkshakes, apparently! We did find out the baby's gender and we had a 'Reveal Party' on Thursday night to share the exciting news. More on that later!

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