Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three years ago today....

Three years ago today I said "I do" to my best friend.  The day was perfect and so was the company.  It was the quickest wedding ceremony ever (no, seriously, it was less than 5 minutes long).  The day threatened us with rain, but it held off for us.  My mother-in-law heard of an old wives tale that said if you put brooms in a tree, it will keep all the rain away.  So, she made it her mission to stock one of the trees full of brooms and, whether that's what kept the rain away or not, I'm a believer now!  I always swore I would never have an outside wedding for fear that the weather wouldn't cooperate, but I found myself planning just that, and it was perfect.

Here are just a handful of some of my favorite pictures from June 13, 2009:


It's amazing how much our lives have changed and evolved in just three short years; I now stay at home with our 18 month old, we have baby #2 on the way, we divide our time living in two different's just crazy!!

We have a tradition of going away for our anniversaries.  Our first anniversary we went camping in Kentucky.....if only we had known it was going to be 100+ degrees and torrential rain!  We had to cut that trip a little short, but it's definitely one to remember!  Last year, we went to this amazing place in Pennsylvania - Green Valley - we had a little cottage with a kitchenette, hot tub, fire pit, hiking trails, lake, etc.  It was awesome (and dog friendly!)!  This year we thought about going back to Green Valley or going somewhere else, but decideagee would just have a 'staycation' instead :). There are so many places that we want to see here around Maryland. Last Saturday we went hiking at Harpers Ferry National Park in WV, today we went to Gettysburg and tomorrow we're going to check out Washington Monument State Park. Definitely getting my cardio in this week!

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