Monday, July 17, 2017

Garden Expansion

One of our (well, Jason's) big projects this spring/summer was to extend our garden.  Originally, we were going to extend it to the south (the back of the garden), but one night, as we were sitting on the deck, we decided it would be really nice to be able to see part of the garden while sitting in our living room or on the deck (although the garden is right in our backyard, our shed/playhouse/chicken coop blocks the view of our garden).

So, Jason decided that it would make the most sense to just extend the garden to the east.  It was a much bigger project than anticipated (aren't they all!?!?).  If all we needed to do was till up the sod, it would have been easy peasy.  But, we wanted to transfer all of the sod to our fire pit area so we needed to cut the sod and move it.  Jason started doing this by hand and quickly realized that it was a much bigger - and physically demanding - job than he had anticipated.

Thankfully, we have a local company that rents out a sod cutter so, we rented a sod cutter for a weekend and we cut, moved, and laid sod over the course of two days.



After the sod was cut and moved to the fire pit, it was time to get the fence moved.  Jason moved the existing fence out and bought a couple new pieces that were needed.

This has expanded our garden by a good 700 feet.  We've now got about 3000 square feet of garden space to work with!  We plan on using this new space as a fall garden this year.  So far, we have a row of purple beans and nine new cucumbers planted.


We're excited about being able to sit on our deck or in our living room and actually being able to see some of our hard work! 

~ Sara :)

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