Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fire Pit Transformation

What a HUGE transformation this has been, y'all!!

Admittedly, we have not used our fire pit as often as we'd like.  The reason?  It just wasn't very 'user friendly'.  We were left plenty of firewood - which we're very thankful for - but the fire pit was surrounded by sand.  Lots and lots of sand.  And with all that sand came lots and lots and lots of weeds.  We just didn't have the time to weed yet another thing throughout the summer so it got neglected a bit. 

But, not anymore!!  Jason decided that the sand had to go and that we would replace it with grass.  It would make it much more user friendly, and much much more pleasing to the eye.

It all started by moving allllll of the wood that was stacked on three sides of the fire pit.  So much wood.  I didn't take a good before' picture of all the wood piled up, but here are a few oldies that I found that show some of our massive wood piles.  And, can we just ooh and ahh over how sweet and little our kids were!?!?!?


The kids were sad to see the big wood piles go - they had a lot of fun playing on them.  They'd each fly their own airplane to visit family in other states :)  Anyhoo, the wood was put to an awesome use - Jason used it to be part of the fence for our orchard.


Once all of the large logs were picked up and neatly stacked as a fence, it was time to clean out all of the smaller pieces.  Jason found lots of wood buried deep beneath the sand.  Who knows how long wood had been stacked up there for!



(what a mess, right!?!?)

Next up was to start moving out some of the sand.  There was so much sand we couldn't just put sod on top of it.  Jason hauled many, many wheelbarrows full of sand to the sand box, used some for the horseshoe pits he made, and filled sandbags with more.


Now, with a clean slate, it was time for sod moving!

We wanted to expand the garden, so we decided that we would just move the sod from the garden expansion to the fire pit.  Jason started moving the sod by hand(!!!) and made a bit of progress, but quickly learned that it was a much larger job than he had anticipated.


He was able to get about 1/4 of the sand re-sodded before he conceded :)  I called up a local rental company and we were able to rent a sod cutter for the weekend.  He did all the hard work, but I helped by rolling the cut sod and cutting it into 4 foot pieces with a shovel.  We worked on it Saturday for a few hours and then again on Sunday. 


By Sunday afternoon our fire pit transformation was complete!!

Jason did a fantastic job and now we're just crossing our fingers that the sod sticks and grows in.  We're looking forward to many bonfires and lots of s'mores :)

~ Sara :)


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