Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Back to the Grind...

After we got back from our awesome spring break vacation, it was back to work on our little homestead.  We had originally planned to not get back home until Sunday afternoon, but we decided to just drive straight through on Saturday and got home around 12:30 am Sunday morning.  That meant we had all day Sunday to get things done outside - and it was a beautiful day!!

Jason decided that he wanted to re-vamp a little storage area we have next to the chicken run.  I didn't realize he was going to get to work on it so quickly - I went to the grocery store and when I came back it was all cleared out.  So, no before picture, but here's a picture of it along with all the stuff that was in it.  Just use your imagination and picture all that stuff just thrown in there, with no organization whatsoever.

We had a couple of doors that were just taking up space in the garage, so Jason decided to turn them into two shelves for the storage area (you can see one of them in the picture above).  He measured, cut, then, using some cinder blocks we had on hand, put up two new shelves.  Easy as that ;)

Once the shelves were in, Jason got to work putting everything in there.  This will house his extra smoker, wood for the fire pit, an old cart we'll use to wheel firewood to the fire pit, wheelbarrow, extra straw, our tomato/pepper cages, a few garden tools, and some other odds and ends.

After he finished that project, he worked on the fire pit more.  I mentioned in a previous post that we're redoing our fire pit area.  It was surrounded by sand and lots and lots of wood.  We're repurposing the wood as a fence and clearing out the sand so we can have just plain 'ol grass surrounding the fire pit.  It's been quite a project!

While Jason was busy with his projects, I got to work getting some weeding done in between doing chores in the house.  I was very excited to find that our rhubarb, strawberries, and asparagus were starting to come up!

I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I did clear some weeds from the asparagus bed....


I didn't want to be too rough with the asparagus because while I was cleaning it up, I found this little guy!

I also got the bigger of the two rhubarb beds all nice and clean (for now!) too....


After dinner, we decided to have our first bonfire of the year, complete with s'mores.


Oliver was still exhausted from his vacation....

And the kids had fun climbing on our new fence...


It was a great ending to an even greater vacation.  Glad we chose to drive straight through on Saturday to have all day Sunday on our little homestead.

~ Sara :)

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