Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Fever Weekend Recap

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I have had some serious spring fever lately.  We've ordered and received most of our seeds for the garden this year (we're planting over 40 different crops this year!) and we finally had a (semi) decent weekend where some things could get done outside.  Here is a recap of how we spent the last full weekend of March on our little homestead:


The temperature reached almost 70 on Friday!  Once Redmond got home from school, I made the kids a smoothie and we headed outside.  It was so nice to be able to play and not worry about a coat or a hat.

Redmond spotted a 'butterfly' (after a little research, I learned it is an Eastern Comma Moth) and the kids were both super excited to find multiple frogs at our fish pond.  A sure sign of spring!



The forecast was calling for rain all weekend, but thankfully it only rained in the morning on Saturday.  So, the kids and I made some brownies while it rained.....and I left my mark in the pan - I'll pass on the edges of the brownies, thanks.  #sarawuzhere

Once the rain stopped, Jason headed outside and got busy moving wood.  We're re-vamping our fire pit and it was surrounded by wood.  We have so much wood, y'all.  So, since we have more wood than we know what to do with, Jason decided to use it as part of the fence for our mini-orchard.


The fence looks awesome!  Great use of all of that wood - it was just going to be stacked somewhere, might as well make it useful!  I'll post more about it once the whole fence is completed around the orchard.  

I spent the majority of my day with Alexa, graph paper, Companion Planting for the Kitchen Gardener, and markers.  We're making companion planting a priority in our garden this year and I wanted to make a chart of all the crops we're planting and what we can (and can not) plant near them.  We will be planning our garden layout soon, and it will be much easier to look at this chart rather than leaf through the book.

Jason also worked on the fence for our garden - we're expanding it this year!  He just put a couple posts and pieces of fence up, but we're super excited to make our garden even bigger :)


The kids spent their day running around outside and building/playing Legos inside.  But, they were all hands on deck when it came time for dinner - Cast Iron Pizzas!!


Sunday it rained.....and rained....and was a completely and totally lazy day.....until the afternoon.  The rain was intermittent for most of the afternoon so Jason got to work on clearing more wood from around our fire pit. (I'll have a whole before/after post on this project once it's completed).

I became a giddy little girl when I walked by our perennial bed and noticed our garlic had sprouted.  GARLIC!!!!!

Not only did the garlic sprout, but all 40 cloves I planted back in the fall sprouted.  YAY!!!!!
I had just enough break in the rain to get some of the dead grass and some weeds out of the garlic bed.


The chickens had a pretty good day, too.  Between Jason digging up old wood and me weeding the garlic, they got lots and lots of worms to snack on!

The kids had fun using the new fence as a hideout.  They found lots of 'bad guys'!

Ashlyn also helped Jason clean up a pile of leaves.


The kids and Jason hung outside a bit more and I headed in to make dinner.  I had some extra buttermilk on hand so I decided to make some Buttermilk Biscuits to go with dinner.  They were totally worth the time and effort (which, really, wasn't that much)!  Will definitely be making these again and you should make them too!

And just like that, it's Monday morning and we're back to the daily grind.  Looking forward to many more productive, beautiful weekends ahead on our little homestead.  We've got lots of plans and projects ahead of us.  Stay tuned!!

~ Sara :)

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