Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Portable Seed Cart

Since we are starting our garden entirely from seeds this year, we needed a good way to get our early starts in and out of the house.  While we could just carry them in and out every day, we wanted something that they could not only be stored on, but something that could be easily moved from the house to the deck.

This was a fairly quick project for Jason and, he had everything except one board on hand for the cart.  He knew that this cart would need to handle a fair amount of weight so since he didn't have any thick boards laying around, he purchased one from Home Depot.  I didn't measure the thickness of it, but I would say it's about 3/4" thick.

This was the perfect size to hold four of the seedling trays we are using (similar ones can be found here). 

Then, he drilled holes into each corner for the legs.  The legs came from an old rotted table that was left at our house when we moved in.  The legs were in good shape and Jason just *knew* they'd come in handy at some point so he kept them around.  He was right!


Once the legs were drilled into the bottom, it was time to get the top "shelf" on.  For this one he used a piece of wood that we already had in the garage.

The top shelf isn't as thick as the bottom so he drilled a piece of wood vertically in between the two to reinforce the top.


And, voila!  It was finished!

He brought it inside and we loaded it up with our seeds and plants.


We wanted something under the trays to protect the wood from any water that may leak out of the cells, so we just laid a few trash bags underneath.

It's working so great and is so much easier to transport the seeds out onto the deck.  Jason does it again!

~ Sara :)

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