Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weekend Recap!

We had another busy, full weekend last weekend!

Friday was a special day - it was Jason's birthday!  Neither of our kids had school (because it was also Good Friday), so we spent the morning birthday shopping for Jason and baking his birthday cake.  Then, we went down to his office, picked him up, and took him out to lunch.  We always love seeing him during lunch on a work day!

Once we got back, the kids and I got busy with coloring Easter eggs - we colored them with turmeric, purple cabbage, onion skins, and beets.  They turned out great!

The kids headed outside to play and I got a few things prepped for Jason's birthday dinner.  Once I was done with that, I joined the kidlets outside to get the first round of our seeds started!

Jason got home, grabbed the kids and took them to a park for a bit while I finished planting and started dinner.  We had a great night with our little family and Jason's parents celebrating his 36th trip around the sun :)


Saturday was a beauuuuuutiful day outside!  Perfect day to get things done on our little homestead. 

One of the more exciting things that happened over the weekend?  We found out we have a family of Gardner snakes living under the deck.  And they keep scaring the shit out of me!  :)


Jason, as usual, did a ton of work outside.  He finished moving sand from around our fire pit, bagging it up and transferring some to the kids' sandbox. 

I put my focus on weeding our small rhubarb bed which, took ten times longer to weed than our larger rhubarb bed did the previous weekend.  It may be smaller, but there are more plants and a lot of baby plants that I had to work around.  Fingers crossed for lots of rhubarb this year!


We've got more asparagus popping up, too!


I then moved inside to do boring things (i.e. - laundry and cooking) and Jason hooked up the trailer and headed to Home Depot with the kids.  He came back with fence posts for our little orchard.

He got all of the fence except for the gate put up before he was done for the day.  He even got our bat house put up!  We are really hoping we get some bats to move in.  From the research we've done, we have a perfect location for them.


Sunday was Easter! 


We started our morning with a very early wakeup call from Redmond ;)  We managed to keep him occupied for an hour and then we let him go wake up Ashlyn so they could check out their Easter baskets and go on the egg hunt that the Easter bunny had left for them.




They were occupied all morning (and, actually are still occupied) with the fun toys (mainly Shopkins) they got in the baskets and from the egg hunt.  We waited for Jason's parents to come over and, once they did, Jason and I went outside to hide another batch of eggs for them to find with grandma and grandpa.




After their last egg hunt was over, it was time for brunch!  You know, we try not to take too many things seriously here at the Hayes Homestead, but one thing we do take seriously?  Our food!


After brunch, we all loaded in the car and headed to Jason's grandmother's house for more family time and a delicious Easter dinner.  No pictures from that adventure, but it was a great time.  The kids had second cousins to play with, there was good conversations, laughs and great food.

Another great, productive weekend in the books! 

~ Sara :)

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