Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter at the Beach

Other than last year, I can't remember the last time we spent Easter at home.  It always seems to be a travel holiday for us.  Two years ago, we were in South Carolina, we've spent Easter with my sister in Virginia and, many times, on my grandparent's farm in Ohio.  But this year?  This year we spent Easter in Siesta Key - maybe one of the better locations yet ;)

Thankfully, the Easter Bunny had no problem finding us in Florida.  He/she even brought the kids some goodies in brand new pails that they could use on the beach! 
Smart thinking, bunny!

The kids were so excited when they got up!

They each got one bigger present (Legos for R, puzzles for A), stickers, a coloring page, a book, a few pieces of chocolate, a handful of jelly beans, magnifying glass, a pair of goggles and packets of seeds so they can help start our  (which I think will become a new tradition)!

After we filled up on jelly beans had breakfast, I took the kids down to the beach to search for shells.  Redmond wanted specific looking shells.  All white and basically the same size.  Ashlyn wanted every.single.one. she saw.  Ha!


After shell searching, we met up with everyone else and just had a low key morning/early afternoon.  I walked the beach with my mother-in-law and found a sand dollar!  Not sure why I didn't take a picture of it....hmmmm....well, maybe next time!

Late afternoon, we headed over to Jason's grandma's place for and Easter egg hunt and dinner.  The kids had a blast finding the eggs and continued playing with them long after all the goodies had been emptied out.



After the egg hunt, it was time for dinner!


Cupcakes for dessert!

After we cleaned up from dinner, we headed down to the public beach.  The kids got to burn off some energy at the playground.

At sunset, we headed down to the beach for the drummings.  Every Sunday night, they have a drum circle where every and any one is encouraged to come and dance.  Ashlyn, her cousin, and I headed in and danced and boogied down!

Ashlyn loves dancing with Jason, so he got to join in on the fun too!

We stayed and danced for about 30 minutes, took the kids back to the playground for a bit and then headed back home once it was dark.  We were all exhausted and had such a great day!  Not a bad way to spend a holiday!

~ Sara :)


  1. Oh my gosh! How fun and what amazing pictures! I absolutely love the picture of you dancing with the girls and may I add that you look ahhhhh-mazing!! Where is that shirt from? So cute!! Happy you all had a great time!!

    1. Thanks, girl!! My shirt? I got it at that quaint little boutique right up the road... Meijer (pronounced my-air with a French accent). It was on clearance last fall. You know how it is!