Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekend Recap

Another beautiful weekend here!  Isn't Spring the best!?

On Friday I noticed our first little sprouts from the seeds the kids and I planted!  Awfully appropriate for it being Earth Day, huh??? In the eggshells we have Marigolds beginning to sprout and in the large container we have basil.  Yay!

We also have a toad living in our greenbox.  We're pretty excited about this because he'll help keep all the bugs off of our plants. 

Oh, and this kid is all registered for Kindergarten.  No big deal.  *sniff, sniff*

Saturday was my birthday!!!  I should have come up with something really fun and exciting to do - but I didn't.  #birthdaysaren'tthesameastheyusedtobe

We started out the day visiting a local greenhouse and talking to the owner about fruit trees (yep, we know how to par-tay!).  We're pretty excited to get our trees and get them planted....but we have a few weeks before we can do that.

After that, we stopped by a park to let the kids play for a bit.

After the park, we headed home, had lunch and everyone (well, everyone except me) took a nap.  Once everyone was rested, we loaded up and headed down to a local winery where they were having live music.  The winery just happens to be on a golf course, so we headed out to let the kids hit some balls.

The winery makes wine slushies, so I took one for the road fairway.  This was my view:

We headed back to the clubhouse/winery and sat on the deck to listen to some music.  These guys were great - Ashlyn loved the music!


After jamming out (and another wine slushie ;), we headed out to meet my in-laws for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Eggplant Parmesan is pretty much my most favorite meal ever.

Ashlyn really enjoyed the breadstick that was the size of her head.

After dinner, we headed back to our house for cake and presents.  Jason and the kids made my cake and it was awesome!

Seriously, Oliver!?
After cake, it was time for presents!!

Jason got me a new spatula (romantic, I know, but we really needed a new one), a new workout tank (that I love!!) and a check (from our joint account) for $10.  That guy, he sure does have a great sense of humor :)  My in-laws got me a new Ball State sweatshirt (much needed since I ruined my other one!) and the kids each got me a small gift too.

This card from Ashlyn is priceless.... :)
It was a great birthday and a great day to turn 35 (gasp!)!!

Sunday we spent the majority of the day outside.  Jason blew up the small bounce house for the kids - they were excited to get it out for the first time this year.

I finally finished weeding our large rhubarb bed. 

Jason spent his day putting up fence posts for our chicken run expansion.  Exciting to see it coming together!

We ended the day with grilled ribeyes (well, I had a Quinoa and Black Bean Burger) and this delicious Kale Salad that I made.  It was sooooo good!

And, that's it!  That was our weekend.  Hope you had a great one, too!!

~ Sara :)

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