Monday, April 4, 2016

Siesta Key 2016

Oh my goodness, you guys.  We just had the best vacation.  When you have kids, you just never know how a trip is going to go.  Are they going to sleep?  Behave?  Act a fool?  You just never know.

We did this same trip three years ago - Ashlyn was about 5 months old, nursing constantly and up more times than I can count at night.  I could barely get away from that girl for an hour.  Redmond was terrified of the sand and refused to walk on the sand without shoes and socks on.  The weather was less than favorable and both kids ended up sick.  Oh, and then we were stuck at a tiny airport for hours due to flight delays.  It was memorable, that's for sure!

But this year?  This year our trip was amazing!  Jason's parents and one of his brother's along with his wife and daughter were also with us.  Lots of fun, sun, laughs, swimming, playing in the sand and lots and lots of memories.

We spent every morning at the pool.  The kids worked on perfecting their cannonball and swam like little fish.  Redmond even earned the nickname 'The Cannonball King' after one day :)

There was time spent at the beach too.  Redmond is obsessed with the whole bad guys/good guys thing right now.  So, instead of building sandcastles, he was busy building 'traps' for bad guys to get caught in.  Hopefully no one really found one of this holes traps with their foot...


We fed seagulls at sunset....

The sunsets.  Oh the sunsets....  Personally, I'm more of a sunrise kinda gal, but Siesta Key sunsets just can't. be. beat.  Every night the beach is full of people watching the sun go down behind the Gulf of Mexico.

We only had one afternoon where the weather wasn't perfect.  A fairly big thunderstorm rolled through....which made for a few awesome pictures.

Every Sunday night, there is a drum circle at the public beach.  A bunch of hippies get together, jam out on some drums and dance in a big circle.  Everyone is welcome to join in - it's awesome!  The girls and I were all about it.

Ashlyn loves dancing with her daddy!

Here are some of my favorite, random shots from our trip:

I really don't think we could have had a better trip.  The kids loved it, we loved it and it was so needed and deserved.  Until next time Siesta Key....

~ Sara :)

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