Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

How was everyone's weekend??

Ours was fantastic!  We had absolutely gorgeous weather on Friday and Saturday.  I have sunburnt shoulders to prove it!  We pretty much spent all day Friday and Saturday outside.  It was marvelous. 

Friday I spent more time in the garden (almost) finishing up our path.  I spent about two hours digging up, moving and placing rocks.  We are loving how we have decided to lay it all out.  Don't you just love it when your vision comes alive!?

Saturday was busy busy!  Jason finished up the path in the garden in the morning and moved a bunch of extra rock out.  We're planning on rocking all the way around our house as well as a few other areas.  We have so. many. rocks. 

We also decided to let the chickens out of their brooder for a little while and let them explore in the grass.  I was so concerned that they were going to run away!  They loved it and if anyone happened to see me trying to catch all 7 to get them back in the box, I'm sure they got a good laugh! 


 After lunch, one of our friends brought over his rototiller for us to borrow.  It took almost three hours, but my hunky hubby got the whole garden tilled.  We are so excited!!!  Just another 3-4 weeks and we can start planting our crops.  Yay!!!!

 We also learned Saturday that our small fish pond is home to at least 5 frogs and one toad.  For some reason, the toad likes to hang out under our deck.  Ashlyn spotted him perched up just barely peeking out. So cool!

I got three of the frogs in this photo:
BTW, have you ever noticed how weird the word "frog" is?  Weird.
The kids got a lot of play time outside too.  It felt so strange to have to lather them in sunscreen.  Guess I should have done it to myself too!

{Can we take a minute to admire that dress!?  My favorite piece of Ashlyn's summer wardrobe so far.  Thank you, GAP Outlet!}

Sunday was all about cooking, cleaning, and relaxing.  We have this book called 'Truck Stop' and the kids love it.  Ever since we started reading it, Redmond has been asking to have brunch one weekend.  So, after we left the gym on Saturday morning, he and I headed to the grocery store to get food for brunch!  He was very particular about what he wanted and who would make it - he was in charge of squeezing the oranges for the orange juice (thankfully I was able to convince him to use the juicer instead of by hand), I was in charge of the French toast and coffee and Jason was to make the sausage (chicken sausage for the kids, Italian sausage for daddy) and the French fries. 

So, Sunday morning, we got up and got to work.  And, we had 8 am.  Ha ha!  It was delicious!  The kids loved making the orange juice and Redmond helped me with the French toast.  We're already discussing our menu for our next Hayes brunch :)

After brunch, Jason took the kids to a park to play while I cleaned up and then headed out for a pedicure with my girl Marie.  It was so needed (and not just because my feet were a hot mess!).  I think it's easy for moms (and dads!) to put themselves on the back burner.  We need some pampering from time to time!
Back home it was back to cleaning and laundry.  It was rainy and gloomy for the afternoon, so we just stayed inside.  For dinner, we had homemade pizza which is always a hit and a favorite in the Hayes house!
Well, there ya have it.  That's what our weekend looked like.  How about yours?  Hopefully you had gorgeous weather and could spend it outside like we did!
~ Sara :)

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  1. Your garden is looking awesome! Yes, Ashlyn's dress is soooo cute! #gapdoesitagain :)