Monday, April 27, 2015

Chicken Update!

Remember how last weekend we spent alllllll weekend outside playing, getting sunburnt and getting the garden ready?  The chickens even got a little taste of freedom when we let them out in the grass to peck around.  Poor things have been stuck back in their brooder ever since because we were greeted by snow just two days later!  I can't remember it ever snowing on my birthday....but it did this year!
According to the forecast, the cold weather is on the way out and we can resume our outdoor spring activities.  One thing that is on the top of our to-do list is the chicken coop.  Our chickens are getting huge!  I can not believe how big they have gotten and how much different they look.  All of their feathers are coming in, their wingspans are huge.....they grew so fast! 
 Then                                                         Now

They're still in their brooder in the garage and will be for about 2 more weeks.  I'm hunting for a bigger box for them this week.  We're just afraid that it's still a little too cold for them, especially at night.  Plus, the coop isn't ready for them yet.  I'm sure they can't wait to get into their new home - they'll have so much space!  Can't believe that we've had them for a month already.  They're so fun!
Although they still have yet to be officially named, Redmond is pretty stuck on the names 'Fork' and 'Bork' and Ashlyn, in her act of two-year-old defiance, has decided she wants nothing to do with naming them so she has decided the names 'No' and 'Nothin' will suffice :)
Stay tuned for coop progress and more pictures of our feathered ladies as they grow!
~ Sara :)

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