Monday, April 13, 2015

Living Room Makeover

It was so simple to pick out the color for our kitchen, the living room would be easy too, right? 
 Who knew there were SO many shades of brown!?
Jason and I both picked out one color.  He put them on the wall and we were both so not impressed.  Jason, being the great improviser that he is, began mixing the two samples.  With each other and with some paint we had left from our old house.  We ended up with seven different colors on the wall.  Seven. 
 From two samples.

We finally decided on a color and Jason got painting the next morning.  It only took him about 3 hours to paint the whole living room.  Thankfully, we only needed one coat.

The color that we chose ended up being a mix of the color I picked and the leftover paint from our old house.  Brings a bit of nostalgia  to our home, having paint from our old house color the walls of our new house.  And, it made Jason happy because he didn't have to spend as much on paint.  Hahaha!!

When he was first finished, I liked it, but didn't love it.  It's not at all what I had pictured the color to be in our living room.  But, once we got all the furniture back in place and the curtains up, it started to grow on me.

This is my favorite spot.  A cozy little corner of our living room.  This is where I plan on spending any alone time I get.  It definitely needs some more touches....maybe a couple pillows and some artwork? 

I think the color definitely brightens up the room and matches our furniture well.  It's definitely not the color that I had envisioned, but it works!  Like any room, I still have more ideas.  I'm thinking the chair rail may need painted too.... What do you think?
~ Sara :)


  1. This looks great, Sara! I, personally, looooove the color! Jason did a great job. :)

  2. Thanks so much!! I'll let Jason know :) He does have some good painting skills!