Sunday, December 7, 2014

Welcome Back, Eekey Locky Luke!

He's back!!  And boy, was he missed!!  The kids are having so much fun looking for Eekey Locky Luke every morning.  He's found some good spots to hang out and watch and, thankfully, hasn't been naughty....yet....

He made his entrance this year on December 1st perched on top of our Christmas Counter-Downer (yes, that is a technical term, just ask Elmo).  

He was a huge hit that morning!  
Here's where else we found him during his first week of visits:
Fishing in the bathroom sink:

He does a lot of traveling for such a small guy so he took a much needed, relaxing bath in Ashlyn's dollhouse:

Hanging out with Redmond's Cowboy (and before you ask, that's a saddle in his hand.  Our elf isn't that impressive!)

Hanging out with Oscar in the bathtub on the Bubble Guppies Boat:

Chillin' with the wildlife in the MSU room:

And lastly, patiently waiting to make pancakes on Sunday morning.  He even got out (most of) the dry ingredients.  Thanks ELL!!  (This is how he made his debut last year)

Side note:  Redmond has become quite the pancake pro.  He can almost recite our entire recipe from memory!  Look at him whisking like a pro:

Can't wait to see where Eekey Locky Luke ends up next week!

Does your family have an elf?  What have they been up to?

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