Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hand Print Christmas Tree

I was looking for some fun artsy Christmas-y crafts to do with the kids so I decided to see what Pinterest had to offer (where else would I go!?!?!?).  No huge surprise that I already have a "Christmas Crafts" board that's been collecting internet dust for years.  So, I took a look and, lo and behold, I found something that looked fun and simple.  Simple being key!
All I needed was paint, a canvas and little tiny toddler hands. 
Check, check and check!
All you need to do is paint their hand, then carefully place them onto the canvas forming a "tree".  I alternated their handprints by rows using a different shade of green for each child.  I don't have any photos of the process because, well, I was a little occupied making sure that they didn't touch anything with their green hands!

Redmond did the first and third row in the dark green, Ashlyn's is the second and top row in a lighter, sparkly green.  I painted on a yellow star and a trunk once the tree was dry.

That's it!  It was simple and a super cute decoration and keepsake!

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