Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Tree Time!

Keeping up with one of our favorite Christmas traditions, we headed to Loveberry's Tree Farm this past weekend.  It's such a fun place to go and the kids love running around the tree 'forest'.  We do lots of exploring and always end up with the *perfect* tree!
This year was no different.  We probably walked around for a at least 15 minutes, searching for our perfect tree.
And then, there it was!  Our tree!
And of course, the best part, watching daddy do all the hard work and cut the tree down!
We love the wagon ride that takes us to and from the trees!
We got the tree wrapped up and strapped to the top of our car and headed home to decorate!  The kids had so much fun putting the ornaments on the tree, especially Redmond.  He oohed and aahed over all of the ornaments....and only broke one!
Finally, all the ornaments were on and we were finished.  Best tree yet :)
Can't wait to celebrate Christmas in our new home this year.  So much to be thankful for!

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