Sunday, December 14, 2014

E.L.L.'s Second Week

Well, it's week two since Eekey Locky Luke has come back to visit.  His first week he was pretty well behaved and basically just explored different rooms of the house.  This week he got into a little bit of mischief which the kids thought was so cool!

He must have been jealous that he wasn't invited to decorate and/or pick out our Christmas tree this year because the next morning he had put up one of his own! 

The following day he kept a close eye on the kids as they ate.  He was hanging on to the light over our dining room table!

Wednesday morning we woke up to find that we'd been TP'd!  Apparently E.L.L. thought our tree needed a little more decorating!


Went for a ride on Ashlyn's dinosaur the next morning....

Ended the school/work week with a little light Christmas reading....


The kids thought it was hilarious to find that Eekey Locky Luke had to go potty.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Even elves!

Then, last night E.L.L. thought he'd be silly and draw faces, hair and a hat on the kids picture.  Redmond was quite excited that he grew a beard :)
Who knows what we're in for this week!

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