Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Friday!!

I've been MIA the past couple of Fridays, but time to jump back in to it!
You may have seen that we've had an eventful week.  And this is why:
Of course, Jason was on the other side of the country and it was late at night when I found all the water downstairs.  But, it is slowly getting taken care of and before we know it, we'll have a brand new basement.
On to happier things!

This guy started his second year of preschool last week!!
He is having so much fun and making new friends.  I love hearing his stories every day when he comes home.
 After neglecting it for far too long, I have recently posted more recipes to my food blog.  If you haven't checked out my blog The Carnitarian Family, please do!  Lots of vegetarian and meat lover's recipes.  Fermented Sauerkraut, Blue Cheese Dressing and Blue Cheese Broccoli Slaw have been the newest additions.


As you may (or may not) know, I've been co-hosting a monthly link-up party with my girl Marie on the first Thursday of every month.  We've decided to change up our party a bit - we're going to be focusing on goals for each month and the party will start the first day each month.  We're really excited for this and hope you'll join us!  Come back this Thursday with some goals for the month and link up with us!


We had our first leaf pile of the year!

Happy Fall, y'all!!!
~ Sara :)
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  1. Look at that Hunk! I can't wait for our linky par-tay! I seriously need to get my life in order. ;) Oh, and I can't believe that ya'll have those leaf piles over there! Fall is really happening, isn't it!?! Ahhh!