Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Monthly Meet Up - Summer Recap!

Hey everyone!  It's the first Thursday of the month, that means it's time for the Monthly Meet Up!!

Can you believe it's August already!?  We want to hear all about your favorite things from Summer 2015.  Please join my co-host Marie and myself and post about any and all things Summer!!  You can come back and post all month long - recipes, crafts, activities, gifts, etc.

Not only do we want this to be a great opportunity for you to gain some awesome, creative ideas from other bloggers, but we also want this to be a great networking tool as well.  So please, grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, vodka (we won't judge) or whatever you fancy and party with us.  It will be fun!! 
First thing is first.  Just like anything fun, we've gotta have some rules.  Ours are short and sweet:
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Easy enough, right!?  So, grab our button, link up, and par-tay!!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some snippets of our summer here and there.  Here in Michigan, it feels like our summer is just beginning.  We had such a cool and wet start to the summer.  The weather is now hot and just plain miserable some days.  But, I know what's just around the corner (that dreaded four letter word s-n-o-w) so I'm not complaining!
The Zoo
One of our staples in the summer is the zoo.  We get a pass so we are able to go as often as we'd like.  We haven't gone as much as we did last summer because the mosquitos have been so bad, but we've definitely paid for our membership and then some. 
The kids love the carousel.  It's always a big decision on which animal to ride

Of course, feeding the giraffes and goats are always a must-do.  We love our little zoo!
Our Garden and Canning
Even though it hasn't been quite as fruitful as we had hoped, it's still been fun to watch our garden grow.  It's a learning process for sure, and it will only get better next summer.  We're already anxious for next spring to get here so we can load our garden with all the compost we've been working on collecting (we send so much less to the landfill now!).  We're hoping that will give our garden the boost it needs and help the crops be more plentiful. 
I've also started canning which I am super excited about!  So far, I've canned veggie, beef, chicken and turkey broths, green beans and strawberry jam.  I'm hoping to do pasta and pizza sauce and salsa as well.  But, I'll settle for just one of the three for this year and be happy :)
Oh, and let's not forget about the Kombucha!  I'm loving that stuff!!
The Ladies
Our chickens, of course!  They are so much fun!  I'm so glad that we decided to get chickens this year instead of waiting like we had originally planned.  Since I've trained them to come for treats, they have really started warming up to me.  As you can see, I get quite excited when I can hold one:
 Pancake needs to work on her enthusiasm...
We are just waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting for that first egg.  It literally could be any day.  It's going to be such an egg-citing day when it happens!
We've gotten the kids in the water a lot more this summer.  We had them both do swimming lessons, which was a bit of a struggle with Redmond.  He wasn't the biggest fan.
But, when I took the kids to the beach last week, I was shocked to see him actually swim (with a puddle jumper on, of course) in the water!  In between all the screaming, crying and fit-throwing at his swim lessons, he did learn something!
Having Fun
Isn't that what summer is all about!?
Summers for kids should just be about having fun and enjoying life.  We've gone to some great parties, have hosted a great party (if I do say so myself), have gone to some local events, spent time with family, and have enjoyed ourselves. 

So crazy that just a little over a month until the chaos of school runs, field trips and backpacks returns.  That reminds me, I should probably empty out R's backpack from last year.....
How has your summer been?  We'd love to hear from you - please link up with us and tell your friends!
~ Sara :)

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