Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Faves!!

It's August!  How did that happen!? 
Not sure where the summer went, but it's almost gone.  Just a little over a month left until we are in school mode here at the Hayes Homestead...summer just goes by too fast.

It's time for another Monthly Meet Up!  My friend Marie and I host a linky party on the first Thursday of every month.  This month we're linking up and talking about our summers.  Join us and tell us all about the fun stuff you did this summer.  Check it out!

I found our first egg yesterday!!!!
Read about it here :)

I just love this photo I snapped of Redmond at my parent's house.  We go there at least once/week and the first thing the kids want to do is take a golf cart to the garden and eat fresh veggies.  My mom picks a handful of fresh peas for Ashlyn and Redmond always wants a cucumber.  Their diet may not always be healthy, but I love that they think cucumbers and peas are "tasty treats".
 My sister and her kids are also coming into town for a visit.  They'll be here for a whole week and will stay in a small cottage on a lake here.  This will be as close to a vacation as I've gotten all summer, y'all.  We get to spend all day at the lake, but then sleep in our own beds at night.  Can't beat that!  I can't wait to get an updated photo of R, A, and their cousins.  I bet it'll look a lot different than last year!
  My Spin instructor played the song "Back it Up" by Prince Royce ft. Pitbull.  Have you heard it?  It has a great beat and was the perfect song for Spinning.  Except, all I could picture was Sean Hayes's version during the entire song.  Have you seen that one!?

Backing it up.
Posted by Sean Hayes on Saturday, May 23, 2015
I could barely stay on my bike, I was laughing so hard!!! 
Hope you all have a great week - I'm gearing up for one of the best ones yet here!
~ Sara :)
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