Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mid-Summer Garden Update


I wanted to do a quick garden update.  Mainly pictures.....please ignore all of the weeds.  :)

Honestly, our garden isn't doing all that great :(  We're not sure what the issue is exactly.  If it's so much rain, our soil or all of the weeds that have taken over (it's been impossible to stay on top of them due to all the rain and all the mosquitos).  We are still harvesting some crops and are using this year as a learning experience.  We can only get better and better as the years go on!

A lot of our crops just aren't growing.  The corn, cucumbers, eggplant and peppers specifically.  We do have an ear of corn growing - yay!  Interested to see how it matures.  We are harvesting cucumbers, but as you can see, our plants are not very big. 

But, we have already harvested (and eaten!) lots of beans, zucchini and broccoli.  Our tomatoes are beginning to turn from green to orange to red!

One of the most exciting things going on in the garden right now is our watermelon and pumpkin plants.  They are a-growin' and taking over everything!  But, that's ok because we have wittle baby pumpkins and watermelons growing!  Take a looksee:

These photos were taken last Saturday:


And these were taken Tuesday.  Just three days later!  Isn't it amazing how fast they grow!?

Our first cabbage is going to be ready to harvest soon too!  I see coleslaw in our near future....

Thankfully, my mom's garden is doing much better than ours this year.  And, when she goes out of town, I get to raid her garden! 
How is your garden this summer?
~ Sara :)

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