Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Happy July, y'all!!
I'm not sure where June went, but apparently it's gone.  Not sure about where you are, but it sure has not felt like summer here in Michigan yet!
Anyhoo, it's Friday!  Time to par-tay!!
Speaking of it being a new month - that also means it's time for a new Monthly Meet Up!  Join myself and my girl Marie over at Family and the Lake House and post any and all things 4th of July!  The party runs all month long - post as many times as you'd like!


Did you see my post and video about how we trained our chickens Pavlov-style?  We knock twice on the door when we bring them a treat and they come running.  It's awesome!


The kids have been saying "mommy take our/my picture!" a lot lately.  Don't think for one minute I let those moments pass by without grabbing my camera!

I got a pleasant surprise when I went in the garden the other day.  Rhubarb!!!  I thought it was long gone for this season, but it's having a second harvest.  Eff yeah!
I got Jason this cookbook for his birthday back in April.  We finally tried a recipe from it tonight - Pizza with onion jam, roasted tomatoes, blue cheese and toasted pecans.  I liked it more than I thought I would, Jason liked it (a lot) less than he thought he would and Ashlyn loved it!  Go figure! 
Hope you have a happy, fun-filled, safe holiday weekend!!
~ Sara :)
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