Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Welcome to the place where words come alive...."

We celebrated Redmond's third(!!!!) birthday this past weekend.  We asked him a couple months ago what kind of party he wanted and he instantly yelled "Word World!!!!"

This theme turned out to be a little difficult.  Apparently, WW was all the rage 3-5 years ago.  Not so much anymore.  So, I wasn't able to find any themed party supplies, but I was able to order Redmond this awesome shirt from the PBS website:

He was SO excited to wear it!!

{oh, and how do you like his shiner?  Poor kid's face met the corner of the table at the library last week.}
So, since I couldn't find much to match the theme, I had to get creative.  For food I used my ABC cookie cutters to make sugar cookies and to cut pita bread into letters.  I also made a pasta salad with alphabet pasta.  For decorations, I just stuck with the color scheme of the WW logo (purple, red, green, yellow and orange).  I wish I would have taken more photos of the food and tables!


The cake was absolutely ah-mazing!!!  My incredibly talented, totally awesome friend Marie made them.  I can't even describe in words how fantastic they were so I'll just show you pictures:
See?  Amazing.

To keep the kiddies entertained, we brought our little bounce house (always a HUGE hit) and had a craft/coloring table where kids could decorate a crown or color WW characters (free printables from the website).  The biggest attraction though was the SpinTee machine Jason borrowed from his boss.  All the kids got to make their own shirt to take home!  Of course, I didn't get any pictures of that either.


The party was a huge success.  I'm so glad that he has made such great friends (thanks Kindermusik!).  He got some great gifts and had such a wonderful time.  He was so exhausted - he slept in over an hour the next morning!
 Great day for a great kid!!!

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