Friday, November 15, 2013

Peanut Butter Bird Feeders

This is a little craft Redmond and I did together a few months ago.  I had forgotten about posting it (obviously) until I found the photos in my drafts.  Anyhoo, this could be done no matter the season or weather.  There's always hungry animals around!  He actually just asked if we could make more today. 

Peanut butter

Empty toilet paper or paper towel holders

This was so simple and so fun!!  Just coat the empty toilet or paper towel in peanut butter and roll in the bird seed.

Once they're ready to go, find some branches, slide those puppies on and wait for some action!  We have a cherry tree in our backyard that worked great.  There's three feeders on there.....can you spot them??

Redmond and Jason had put a birdhouse up in our front yard in the beginning of the summer.  We tried to find a place to put one of our feeders near the birdhouse, but there wasn't a good spot.  Redmond decided he would go and tell the birds in the birdhouse to head into the backyard because that's where the food was.  Love that kid!!!

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