Monday, November 18, 2013

ABC Sugar Cookies

As y'all are aware, I love being in the kitchen.  Baking, cooking, sautéing, roasting, whatever.  But I have a confession.  Up until a few days ago, I had never made sugar (or any other cutout) cookies.  They just seem (and are!) like so much work.  The chilling of the dough, the rolling, the cutting, the re-rolling, cutting, re-rolling again, cutting.  Seriously, the dough seems never ending.  But, Redmond had requested a Word World themed party for his 3rd birthday and I thought ABC cookies would be cute (and they were).

I bought this ginormous container of cookie cutters off of Amazon a few months ago.  I stuck it in the pantry for safe keeping until I needed to make these cookies.  From what I could tell, the cookie cutters were all pretty big, so it shouldn't take too long to cut out the cookies.  Ha!  Once I finally dug all of the alphabet cutters from the bottom I realized they were half the size of the rest of the cutters.  Fantastic!

I decided that maybe I would just freeze half of the dough - Christmas cookies! - since the cutters were so small.  So, I rolled it out (the first of 94 times) and called over my sous chef.  We got to cutting.
After lots of rolling, cutting, baking, cooling and frosting, we had some pret-ty good lookin' cookies if I do say so myself. 
They were really tasty too!!

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