Sunday, June 10, 2018

Early June Garden View

We have been busy busy with our garden this year.  Most things are looking great!  We have had a lot of rain this spring and that has definitely taken a toll on some of our crops.  Our beets never sprouted, out of 24 Yukon potatoes, only 7 sprouted, one batch of pole beans did not sprout well and our corn suffered as well.  But, everything else is thriving!  I wanted to take a few photos of the garden now - beginning of June - to compare to photos at the end of June and into July and August.  So, here's a peek into our happy place :)

This is the when you walk into the main entrance of the garden - the northwest corner:

Here is a view from the northeast corner of the garden:


This view is from the back (south) side of our garden.  When I took these photos, neither the carrots or fingerling potatoes had been weeded because they were still sprouting:

Still facing north in the garden, this gives you a vision of everything behind the cucumbers:

And, a view of everything in front of the cucumbers:

A view from the southeast corner:

It's our first year growing Jerusalem Artichokes and they are doing amazing!  This is the southwest corner of the garden (the bees are behind the Jerusalem Artichokes):

There is a small peek into our garden!  Looking forward to comparing these photos to new ones in a few short weeks!

~ Sara :)


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