Monday, June 11, 2018

Chive Blossom Infused Vinegars

Did you know that you can use those fluffy purple chive blossoms and create a tangy, slightly oniony infused vinegar?  It's super easy!  All you need are chive blossoms, any type of white vinegar, a jar and some patience!

First step is to gather your chive blossoms.  You can either use scissors/clippers, or just pop them off with your fingers.  Once you've gathered your blossoms, you'll want to soak/rinse them really well in water to make sure you don't have any creepy crawlies hiding in them.  A salad spinner works great for this.


Once the blossoms are cleaned, place them in a mason jar - I used approximately 1 cup of blossoms in each pint jar.  Cover the blossoms with your choice of vinegar.  You'll want to use a light colored vinegar because the blossoms will transform the vinegar into a beautiful shade of pink.  I did one jar with Champagne Vinegar and one with White Balsamic.  I had a cup of the Champagne and just over a cup of the Balsamic.

Seal the jars and tuck them away for 7-10 days.  You'll see that after letting the blossoms infuse, the vinegar color has been transformed and the it will have a slight onion scent to it.


Strain the vinegar(s) through cheesecloth or a coffee filter into a jar or bottle.  Be sure to squeeze the blossoms to ensure you get all of the chive flavor.

Use in dressings, marinades, or anywhere you'd use vinegar.  Enjoy!

~ Sara :)

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