Friday, May 18, 2018

Planting the Garden....and Trying to Stay Dry

You know what we've had a lot of lately?  RAIN!  So much rain!!  How much rain you ask?  Well, I snapped a few pictures of the kids playing in the easement that runs alongside our property.  This area flooded, dried up and then flooded again in less than two weeks.  It's been W-E-T here!


Mother's Day weekend was no exception to the rain, but we had to get the garden in.  Thankfully, I had already done some planting which gave us a little less to do over the weekend.  We had already planted our Yukon potatoes, beets, corn, tomatoes, and peas.



Jason and I took advantage of a break in the rain on Saturday and knocked out a lot of the planting.  We were able to get the watermelon, zucchini, eggplant, cantaloupe, jalapenos, radishes, bell peppers, kale, cabbage, cucumbers, and Brussels sprouts all in before we were tired and ready to call it a day.

It rained a lot on Saturday night.  The garden was such a mess!  But, we wanted to get it done and only had a handful of things left to plant.  So, we headed back into the garden and got to work.  Sunday we planted our fingerling potatoes, onions, carrots, bush beans, and pole beans.  It felt so good to get all of that done!




All the crops were in, but we still wanted to add some herbs and marigolds.  I really wanted to companion plant the herbs in with the veggies, but due to my poor planning - not leaving space for the herbs in our rows - I wasn't able to do that.  I was able to put a few herbs (parsley, borage, and dill) with the onions and (basil and borage) with the tomatoes.  Other than that, I just made a row of herbs in the extra space we had available.

All the crops that we planted over the weekend seemed to have survived the storms that we had both Saturday and Sunday night.  One good advantage to the rain - it's made weeds easier to pick!  We started a lot of sunflowers this year so I transplanted eight of them outside the bee fence.

Next up is to do some work with the rhubarb - I have one bed that needs weeded and another one to plant.  The to-do list is never ending, but I love it!

Happy Gardening!

~ Sara :)

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