Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dandelion Jelly of the first signs of spring!  So many people deem them as 'weeds' and will even (gasp!) spray them with a pesticide (please don’t do this!!).  Dandelions are so much more than 'just a weed'.  Most importantly, they're one of the first sources of food for bees.  Secondly, there are actually health benefits from dandelions AND you can make some really delicious things with them!  This year I decided to make dandelion jelly.  It’s sweet, delicious, and has a flavor similar to honey.  The perfect accompaniment to some buttermilk biscuits!

The process of getting the dandelions ready for the jam is quite tedious and time consuming, but if you have the time and patience, it's worth it!  

Dandelion Jelly
Makes Approximately 7 half-pints


8-10 cups dandelion flowers (be sure they have not been sprayed!)
3 1/2 cups boiling water
2 tbsp. bottled lemon juice
1 pkg pectin, or 6 tbsp. pectin
4 1/2 cups granulated sugar


1.  Remove as much green as possible from your dandelions.  I found it easiest to cut the green part off the bottom of the dandelion and then pick off any extra green petals.  Do this until you have three to four cups of yellow dandelion petals.


2.  Cover the dandelion petals with the boiling water and, once cooled, cover and allow to steep overnight.

3.  Bring your hot water canner to a simmer and begin warming your jars.  Using a coffee filter over a fine mesh strainer, strain our the dandelion petals to get 3 cups of dandelion tea.  Whisk together the tea, pectin, and lemon juice in a large pot over medium heat.  Bring to a boil.  Slowly add in the sugar, whisking as you add it in.  Allow to come back to a boil and boil for 1-2 minutes.

4.  Carefully transfer the hot jelly to prepared canning jars.  Seal the jars, place in a hot water bath and process in boiling water for 10 minutes.  Remove, allow the jelly to cool, ensure the jars sealed, and store (and eat!).


~ Sara :)


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