Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2017

St. Patrick's Day was so fun this year!  We started off the day with this beautiful sunrise - if that's not a great start to your day, I don't know what is!

The kids had lots of green to wear - no pinching these kids!   Side story - After getting up this morning, Redmond, upon realizing that Ashlyn's pajamas did not have any green on them, pinched her.  He immediately got sent to time out and, while in there, he realized that he shouldn't have pinched her especially since he wasn't wearing green either.  So he proceeded to pinch himself to make it fair..... ha ha ha!!!!

The rest of us were festive too.  I didn't get a photo of Jason, but he was in MSU gear head to toe with a blinking shamrock necklace.  Oliver and I were rocking green and shamrocks, too!


It was an exciting day for both kids at school.  Redmond and his class finally got the ice cream party that they earned over a month ago for winning penny wars.  At Ashlyn's school it was Muffins with Mom so I got to go eat blueberry muffins with my girl :)

Once Redmond got home from school, the three of us got to work in the kitchen.  First, I had them help me make Irish Soda Bread.  I feel like knowing how to properly knead dough is an important lesson to learn in life.  And, since I don't do it very often (thanks to my breadmaker), I wanted to show them and have them try.  They both did great!

I wanted to do a fun dessert with the kids so I decided to make some Lucky Charm treats with green M&M's.  Since I just decided to do this, I didn't have just green M&M's.  So, I did what any mom-on-a-mission would do.  I took the kids to school, ran to the store, bought a bag of M&M's, then went home, got a cup of coffee, and starting picking out all of the green M&M's from the bag.  

Once the bread was baking, it was time to get working on the Lucky Charms treats.  They were a hit, of course!


After dessert was done and the bread was out of the oven, we took a break in the cooking action to play an intense game of Clue Jr.  Once that was over (It was Miss Scarlet, with lemonade at 3:00, if you were wondering), I headed back into the kitchen to start dinner.

We had an Irish(ish) feast!  Fried potatoes, fried cabbage, sausage, Irish soda bread and, of course, our Lucky Charms treats.

We ended the evening like many houses at this time of year - watching basketball.  I knew that Jason would be glued to the tv - especially since MSU was playing - so I gave him this awesome coozie for St. Paddy's Day.

I stayed up way past my bedtime.  I almost saw the clock reach 10:00, folks!  Jason, of course, stayed up to watch his team (thankfully!) win against Miami.  Already looking forward to St. Patrick's Day next year!!

~ Sara :)

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