Thursday, October 20, 2016

Three No More, Now She's FOUR!!!

Time is not on my side, folks.  That's for sure.  Our baby, our sweet little girl just turned four. 


I don't know how it happened either.  I mean, didn't we just bring her home?  It sure feels like it.  But it also feels like she's been with us forever. 

I remember the days that she didn't talk, now she doesn't stop :)  She's loving preschool, has such a caring, motherly soul, is just the right amount of sassy, and just makes us so, so happy.

For her birthday this year, she wanted dinner at home - burgers, homemade buns, roasted potatoes, mac & cheese, and broccoli.  She wanted to pick her cake out from the store and when I asked if she wanted to make homemade ice cream for her birthday she said "yes, but then we have to make sorbet for grandma because she can't have milk.  Remember?" (which is also why we had potatoes and mac & cheese :).  So, the day before her big day, we made ice cream and sorbet and went to the store to pick out a cake.

The morning of her birthday she put on her new birthday shirt and headed to school.  She was so excited to take a treat in to school to share with her friends!


When I picked her up from school, she was all smiles.  I told her she could pick where we went to lunch and she chose her favorite spot - Jimmy John's.  Then we went home where we had more cookies.


After lunch we got ready for her dinner that night.  She got a little bit of beauty sleep on our way to pick Redmond up from school.

And then?  It was party time!  One thing that's for sure?  This girl can rock a tiara!

After dinner (which I forgot to take pictures of!), it was on to opening presents!  She got some great stuff and, thankfully, very few toys.  Toys is not something we need any more of here at the Hayes Homestead!


After presents it was time for cake - she insisted on picking one out at the store so that's what we did.  We picked out the cake, had them write on it and it was ready to go.  Easy peasy.

It was a great day, but most importantly, it was the day that she wanted.

Ashlyn, we couldn't be more proud of the young lady you're becoming!!  You are the first to say "are you okay?" if someone is hurt or not feeling good.  You are a nurturer and even at such a young age, empathy comes natural to you and you would give anyone the shirt of your back if they were in need.  You are smart, sassy, hilarious, goofy, and so fun.  You still cuddle every chance you get and can change anyone's mood just by flashing your beautiful smile.  Your brother is your best friend - you love him more than anything!  Having you in our family is just complete joy.   We love you so much!!

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet girl!!

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